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Industrial embroidery

The embroidery like the screen printing stays in close connection with the textile industry. Many of our customers ask for embroidered patterns on the garments beside screen printed ones. That's why we set up the embroidery compartment. In this way our customers can order both screen printing and embroidery from the same company, thus saving precious time.

Of course are we are ready to offer to new clients too, our embroidery services at quite competitive prices, to clients like e. g.:

  • Makers of garments, home textiles, workwear, protective clothes
  • Hotels, restaurants, boarding houses (we make embroideries on bedclothes, towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, covers for seating furniture, apparel for hotel, restaurant, kitchen staff etc.).
  • Police, army, fire fighters, security staff
  • Schools, universities, hospitals, pharmacies
  • Sports clubs
  • Any kind of organisation intending to build up its image through the outfit of staff.

Embroideries may be applied on a great variety of materials and articles, practically on every piece of garment: shirts, ties, jackets, jeans, uniforms, workwear, bathrobes, gowns, towels, tablecloths, car seat covers, promotional items, sportswear, labels, emblems etc. The free arm sewing machine enables us to apply embroideries on ready-made articles like T-shirts and bonnets.

A unique offer
We generate the embroidery program for our customers free of charge; all they have to do is to deliver a sample photo or drawing and to specify the colours and dimensions. We produce for free a first sample of embroidery for assessment by the customer, and we also make the free delivery of embroidered items (the raw material has to be delivered to Primo Service by the customer).

Embroidery allows the use of special effects, obtaining a high impact, like e. g.:

The price of the embroidery depends on the number of stitches and the type of the utilised thread. So for every model we calculate the price after a primary estimation of the number of stitches based on the drawing.

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