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About us

SC PRIMO SERVICE SRL was founded in 1994 being one of the first companies in the country in this field of production. The production capacity and the number of business deals have gradually risen during the years along with the firm’s level of professionalism, the development of human and material resources. The production capacity varies according to the number of ink colors, the type of the ink and if the printing is done on a finished product or on a cutting. The majority of orders fulfilled by us are destined to the export of clothing companies, so respecting the international standards is very important.

At present we can satisfy any client addressing us realizing any type of serigraphic printing with a very large stock of materials and inks on cuttings as well as on finished clothing. These can be shirts t-shirts, trousers, skirts, caps, scarves, lingerie, sportswear, blouses or other textile products.

The diversity of our services has increased the number of business partners both foreing and domestic.

Quality and punctuality are our main characteristics besides the facilities secured by us such as free shipping, offering of free samples, carrying out shopisticated and urgent orders.

Our experience and competence guarantees a high level of collaboration with our clients having earned and maintained their trust over the years.

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